Working towards Good Work for the North of Tyne

Welcome to the Good Work Pledge

The North of Tyne is a great place to live, work and do business but, for too many, life is still a struggle and it’s time to change that. Many families that are ‘in’ work are also living in poverty, and it’s within all of our reaches to do something about it, we need to act now to tackle this unfairness.

The way we work has changed, and many businesses are working hard to make sure their employees are happy, healthy, and well rewarded. However, on the flip side, there’s poor employment. Employment is where low pay, unreliable hours and minimal benefits are commonplace. Often these low paid jobs are done by the very people who keep us supplied with food, who look after our loved ones and keep us moving.

Our priority is to make poor employment a thing of the past, and Good Work the norm.

Our Good Work Pledge aims to make this happen, a scheme that costs zero to employers, but where the rewards can be priceless.

Through this scheme the good can stand up and be counted, and others can get on the journey to making the necessary improvements.

It’s time to change, start now, support our pledge and become a force for good today

Apply now, view the full criteria, download our FAQ’s or view the pillars today.


What’s in it for me?

As soon as your business has been awarded a level of the pledge, you’ll be helping us build a ‘community of good work’, a community where shortly members will be able to access learning, networking opportunities and support in the pursuit of good work and sustainability.

We want you to reap the rewards of your commitment so, we’ll want to involve you in any opportunities for press, communications or media engagement that shouts about what we are doing and why.

As the Good Work Pledge grows, so will our community and our voice to enable real change, come with us on the journey to ‘good work’.


Hear from businesses supporting our pledge


Gallery of Good Work

See the businesses supporting our pledge, supporting the change for good.

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Available Membership Levels

Awards of the Good Work Pledge are available at two levels, Standard and Advanced.

At Standard Level
You must be able to demonstrate that you can meet or are actively working towards any two of the five available pillars and submit a case study demonstrating this work in practice. See the full criteria for further information.

At Advanced Level
You must be able to demonstrate that you can meet or are actively working on the criteria for all five pillars and submit a case study demonstrating this work in practice. See the full criteria for further information.


Applications – What to Expect

All applications are online, on clicking any link to ‘apply now’ you’ll be directed to our application portal where you’ll be required to set up your free account using your email and set a secure password. You’ll be able to save your work as you go and access the account as often as is needed for you to complete the application. Help text and resources are available throughout the application or are downloadable.

Once you’ve selected the level you are applying for, or for a Standard Award, you’ve also selected your chosen two pillars, you’ll proceed to enter business information and work through the questions for each pillar as appropriate.

The final step is to upload a case study or evidence that shows how your business or organisation does what you say it does, this can be based on any of the answers in your application, then it’s time to hit the submit button and we’ll take it from there.


Support and Resources

To help  you achieve or work towards our Good Work Pledge here are some extra resources to help you on your way.

If you’d like an informal chat before or during application, please contact us, we are here to help!


The Assessment Process

Every application submitted for the Good Work Pledge is subject to assessment by NTCA. Following an initial assessment applications are then verified once more to ensure fairness and consistency.

The scheme carries a zero cost for employers to join, so start today. We want a future where everyone can access good work, help us to make poor work a thing of the past and ‘good’ the norm…