North of Tyne describes the area covered by Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland local authorities.

It begins at the most southerly boundary of Northumberland and continues north to the border with Scotland, and spans from the North Sea on the east coast to the border with Cumbria in the west.

The North of Tyne is filled with stunning natural landscapes, great people, and has a strong track record of creating jobs and supporting world-leading businesses.

It has a lot of potential. We have one of the fastest-growing economies and job growth rates in the country, as well as one of the fastest growing technology sectors outside of London.

The North of Tyne has the highest skilled workforce in the North, world leading business and innovation, research and development hubs in two universities.

The area has excellent transport links, both nationally and internationally. It also has a huge range of natural, cultural and historic assets.

But, we also have a number of challenges. We have consistently higher unemployment and lower productivity, than the national average. There is social inequality, with pockets of deprivation and a lack of job opportunities in some areas.

This is why devolution is important for our region. Find out more about the North of Tyne devolution deal below.


£23 million

£24 million

£15 million

The Devolution Deal

Devolution gives us the chance to make our own decisions about our own future so we can target investment where we know we need it most. We want to make the strong connection between economic growth and providing people with the skills, education and confidence to benefit from the opportunities that will follow.

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