About Jamie Driscoll

Jamie Driscoll was elected as the first ever mayor for the North of Tyne in May 2019. He heads up the North of Tyne Combined Authority and, together with the six local authority Cabinet members, is accountable for its activity.

Jamie ensures the voices in our area are clearly heard by government. He champions the North of Tyne nationally and internationally.

As laid out in his manifesto, Jamie's five key policy areas are: Community Wealth Building, Green Industrial Revolution, Set up Community Hubs, Build Affordable Homes and Meaningful Adult Education.

Before Jamie became mayor, he worked as an engineer in Blyth. He was also the former director of a Newcastle-based software development business. In 2018 he was elected councillor of the Monument ward of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

He is married with two children and lives in Newcastle.

Jamie's Big Vision

"As a region we have some great assets - a proud history of industrial innovation, beautiful scenery and people famous for their warmth and friendliness."- Mayor Driscoll

In Jamie Driscoll's manifesto he outlines his five key priorities as Mayor, as well as his plan of action. You can read the full manifesto below.
Community Wealth Building
Green Industrial Revolution
Set Up Community Hubs
Build Affordable Homes
Meaningful Adult Education