About Jamie Driscoll

Jamie is positioning the North of Tyne as a clear national leader in green growth, based on a ‘Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty’ mission, with a just transition at its core.

Elected Mayor of the North of Tyne Combined Authority in May 2019, Jamie immediately prioritised the creating green jobs, and the decarbonising our economy. His target from Government is to create 10,000 jobs over a 30 year period. Already there are over 4,000 high-quality jobs in the pipeline, and more than 2,500 jobs safeguarded during the pandemic. Every job we create is backed by our Good Work Pledge.

Jamie provides leadership over a vast range of projects. From offshore wind to growing the culture and creative sector to supporting tech start-up businesses. There’s an £18 million Green New Deal for jobs and an inclusive skills programme to make sure everyone can benefit. The Mayor’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change has taken place. Through the Mayor’s Fund, the NTCA works with local communities on projects like bee keeping and re-wilding.

A passionate socialist; an engineer; and a black-belt in jiu jitsu, Jamie lives in Gosforth with his wife and sons.

Jamie's Big Vision

"As a region we have some great assets - a proud history of industrial innovation, beautiful scenery and people famous for their warmth and friendliness."- Mayor Driscoll

In Jamie Driscoll's manifesto he outlines his five key priorities as Mayor, as well as his plan of action.
Community Wealth Building
Green Industrial Revolution
Set Up Community Hubs
Build Affordable Homes
Meaningful Adult Education