Working towards Good Work for the North of Tyne.

The Good Work Pledge

The promotion of an inclusive economy is at the heart of the vision for the North of Tyne Combined Authority. A key element of an inclusive economy is ensuring that our residents have access to work, but also to ‘Good Work’ that provides amongst other things security, skills, progression opportunities, a decent standard of living, promotes health and well-being and helps to ensure that the North of Tyne area is productive and thriving.

The North of Tyne Combined Authority has been working with employers and other key stakeholders to understand what ‘Good Work’ looks like and how we as a Combined Authority can promote and reward employers that are offering the main elements of ‘Good Work’.

By continuing to work with employers and key stakeholders, we have developed the Good Work Pledge, which enables employers to understand the key elements of ‘Good Work’, what they can do to achieve this for their employees and what support is available to help them get there.

The North of Tyne Good Work Pledge is not a formal accreditation or award, but it instead represents a set of five pledges that businesses can work towards, support and receive recognition for.


The pledge covers the following areas:

Valuing and Rewarding your Workforce

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Effective Communications and Representation

Developing a Balanced Workforce

A Social Responsibility.

We want local authorities and public sector organisations as well as small and large businesses to sign up. We will publicise that and celebrate the achievements we all make.

Cllr Joyce McCarty
NTCA Cabinet Member for Employability and Inclusion

We are working with a small sample of employers to test the Good Work Pledge model and application process with a view to launching the Pledge in early summer 2020. In this final stage we are keen to hear about any good practice in relation to the areas covered by the Pledge.