As part of the NTCA ‘Opportunity for All’ Strategic Skills Plan we have identified a number of growth sectors for skills in the North of Tyne area.  

£5 million has been invested in the Skills for growth programme to ensure that NTCA funding for innovation and targeted investment was underpinned by the development of a skills and talent pipeline.  Digital was identified as priority sectors and we are proud to partner with the University of Sunderland on this digital skills programme. 

Digital Skills, Innovation and Leadership

Delivered by University of Sunderland

The Digital Innovation and Leadership Project aims to address higher level digital skills needs in Northumberland.   

Offering a range of fully funded taster sessions and structured short courses for business and the community, to stimulate interest in digital skills. 

The short course offer will include courses covering Desktop applications, Digital Marketing, Podcasting, Leadership and Strategy – a full list of courses on offer can be accessed via our website. 

Where:  The University of Sunderland will be delivering in pop up locations across Northumberland and online Delivery will be ‘blended’ with a mix of face-to-face and online learning.  

When:  Delivery will start in Sept 2023 and run until May 2025.   

Who will benefit:  

  • Northumberland employers seeking to drive digital innovation in their businesses by investing in digital skills. 
  • Northumberland employees seeking to improve their digital skills.

There will be a particular focus on rural communities and on encouraging individuals who would not traditionally access standard higher education (HE) programmes. 

For more information head to  Digital Skills Northumberland | The University of Sunderland

For more information about our full Skills for Growth programme head to our Education, Inclusion and Skills page.