The ‘Skills for Growth’ programme has been developed using the flexibilities provided by the NTCA’s devolved funding to enable investment in innovation and sector growth to be complemented by support for skills and talent pipeline development. 

The individual projects represent a diverse mix of skills provision which will form part of a cohesive Skills for Growth Programme, providing innovation in both the supply and demand for skills and building an active and employer-led response to the talent requirements of our inward investing employers. 

£5 million has been invested in the programme to support Skills for Growth and to ensure that NTCA funding for innovation and targeted investment was underpinned by the development of a skills and talent pipeline.

Priorities for this funding were agreed as follows:  

Group of women working in an arts studio

The Skills for Growth programme supports our overall vision of ‘Opportunity for All’ and a more inclusive economy, one that brings together people and opportunities to create vibrant communities and a high quality of life. The ‘Opportunity for All’ NTCA Strategic Skills Plan sets out our ambitious programme for skills development in the region, recognising that effective skills interventions have a key role to play in ensuring our residents and businesses are best equipped to deal with today’s competitive jobs market. Ultimately, it’s about investing in our residents as our greatest asset and so securing a fairer future for all generations across the region. 

Our Strategic Skills Plan Opportunity for All is a condensed version of the plan and is available to download.

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