The NTCA have been awarded £32m from the Government’s £400m Brownfield Housing Fund to support the delivery of up to 2,500 additional homes.

On the 30 June 2020 the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) was awarded £32m of Government funding to allow local authorities to target additional investment towards brownfield sites requiring intervention.

Brownfield sites exist in a city’s or town’s former industrial areas, where there may be abandoned factories or commercial buildings, or other previously polluting operations like steel mills, refineries or landfills. This will ensure that we will see a range of housing and economic sites brought forward that would otherwise remain stalled or un-developed.

This funding will support the delivery of up to 2,500 additional homes in the North of Tyne area on brownfield land by 2025.

With oversight from the NTCA Cabinet, the funds will be allocated locally. This allows for devolved decision making that prioritises the housing needs of our local communities.

Additionally, the NTCA also have the opportunity to bid for a share of an additional £40m of funding, as part of a competitive process, to ‘top up’ funds to support even more work on brownfield sites.