My Friends in the North is a podcast from entrepreneur Sarah Waddington in which she interviews some of the North’s most influential organisational leaders.

In a one-off series of five interviews, Sarah will be sticking to one theme and talking to members of the North East COVID-19 Economic Response Group about what support is available in the region to help businesses.

In this second episode she speaks to Colin Bell, who is the business growth director at the North East LEP* and the Group’s business continuity lead about:

  • Why the North East COVID-19 Economic Response Group has come together.
  • His take on the North East marketplace right now.
  • The issues larger firms in the region are facing.
  • What’s being done for the self-employed and smaller limited companies.
  • The North East COVID-19 Economic Response Group’s priorities and how Colin is working with the other work leads and key partners such as the North East Business Support Provider Network to develop solutions.
  • How intelligence is being gathered to inform Government about the measures they should take to support business resilience and subsequent growth in the North East, and how people can people get involved.
  • Colin’s top tip for switching off at night.