The North of Tyne Combined Authority is committed to working with the VCSE sector as a key contributor to our inclusive economy ambitions

There are over 5,000 voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector organisations active across the North of Tyne Combined Authority. The sector is extremely vibrant and diverse consisting of registered charities, community interest companies, community benefit societies, co-operatives, credit unions and grassroots community groups. The sector is also a key employer in our area with an estimated workforce of over 14,000 paid staff. In addition, the sector enables approximately 45,000 regular volunteers at a value of £44m per year.

We understand the importance of the VCSE sector and we are committed to working closely with these organisations as key partners in the design and delivery of our work. We know that the VCSE sector is well placed to help us increase the reach and impact of our investments and is also able to represent the voices of diverse communities.

At present, Robin Fry, from North Tyneside VODA, acts as the Mayor’s Ambassador to the Voluntary sector. This role will alternate between members of the VCSE across our three local authorities. Additionally, the Mayor and NTCA officers have scheduled meetings with the VCSE-NTCA Stakeholder Group, to discuss specific issues regarding the sector.

Our VCSE sector Stakeholder Group meets on a quarterly basis and is shaped by an Accord which sets out a framework for a new relationship between NTCA and the VCSE sector. It includes building and sustaining the VCSE sector’s strategic capacity to deliver our shared vision of an inclusive economy. The group is Chaired by Lisa Goodwin MBE from Connected Voice who is the North of Tyne Mayor’s VCSE Sector Ambassador.