The North of Tyne Union Learn project expands the number of union representatives helping low-skilled workers access training, in order to develop their skills and confidence

The North of Tyne Union Learn project supports workers to develop their skills, gain qualifications and undergo training, supporting trade unions in workplaces across the region to provide access to learning opportunities. The project is led by Northern Trade Union Congress (TUC) who are working with the three North of Tyne constituent authorities – Northumberland County Council, North Tyneside Council and Newcastle City Council – to pilot a new approach to skills provision in the area. The project contributes to the Combined Authority’s Inclusive Economy & Strategic Skills strategies which aim to provide good jobs & ensure people in the region can gain new skills and develop these throughout their careers.

Union Learn aims to develop local capacity with Northern TUC to coordinate Union Learn activities, provide direct support to Union representatives, strengthen union engagement, and importantly to build relationships with employers, particularly focused on the NTCA growth sectors and Good Work activities.

The project will expand the capacity available within the Unions to engage employers and employees in order to access skills development initiatives. This investment will connect 450 employees to training opportunities whilst establishing training commitments with 40 employers and will be targeted within the Local Authority structures as significant employers and anchor institutions within the North of Tyne.

The TUC targets both employers and employees, acting as a facilitator to enhance workforce development and planning. By enhancing the skills and qualifications of workers, this project will better prepare residents for the evolving demands of the workplace while reducing the risk of redundancy, or equipping residents with the skills to find new employment.

The project was initially launched as a two-year pilot, following the ending of national funding in March 2021, and has since been extended.

For further information about the Union Learn project please contact Inclusive Economy Project Manager, Michael Beirne: