This year, we've embarked on three critical initiatives directly aimed at identifying and addressing inequalities in our region

At the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) we are fully committed to turning our vision of an inclusive and sustainable economy into a reality. This endeavour demands a collective effort to tackle the inequalities that some of our residents face daily. Our unwavering goal is to ensure that every individual has a fair opportunity to not only participate in our economy but also reap its benefits.

We recognise that a significant portion of our residents are currently denied access to opportunities that enable them to thrive and contribute meaningfully. That’s why, this year, we’ve embarked on three critical initiatives directly aimed at addressing these inequalities in our region.

Examining the State of our Region Report

Examining the State of the Region Equalities Report cover

Firstly, we’ve meticulously examined the state of our region and its labour market through a comprehensive report. This report scrutinizes disparities through the lenses of sex, age, disability, and ethnicity.

Our analysis dives deep into the most pressing issues surrounding employment, education, and training participation. It also sheds light on critical trends related to child poverty and homelessness in the North of Tyne area.

Dive into the details by downloading the State of the Region Report.

North of Tyne Equalities Assemblies Report

Open The Door A Little Wider Perspectives on Barriers to Good Work and Inclusive Workplaces in the North of Tyne Report cover

Secondly, we hosted a series of enlightening equalities assemblies. These assemblies were platforms where we gathered experiences and case studies that spotlighted the very real challenges of inequality, especially concerning ‘good work’ in our region.

Our report Open The Door A Little Wider Final Report is  available to download.

If you’d rather you can download Open The Door A Little Wider Executive Summary Report.

Annual Equalities Objectives Report

North of Tyne Equalities Objectives 2022-23

And last but not least, we’re proud to publish our annual Equalities Objectives report. This report shows progress against each of our formal equalities objectives, including performance measures and key indicators and information highlighting the activities we’ve undertaken to meet the objective.  It is a testament to our ongoing commitment to transparency and progress in the realm of equality. Our Annual Equalities Objectives Update is be available to download.

If you have any questions relating to our work on advancing equality, please email

Join us on this transformative journey as we strive to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all residents of our region.