The Northumberland Line Economic Corridor spans the North of Tyne’s three Local Authority areas, connecting our people to key innovation and employment assets within Newcastle City Centre, our housing sites and business parks in North Tyneside, and the towns and places and growing ‘green economy’ cluster in South East Northumberland.

The Northumberland-North Tyneside-Newcastle Line (the Northumberland Line) provides a catalytic opportunity to strengthen the whole area by accelerating investment across the entire corridor from Ashington to Newcastle. As such, a Northumberland Line Economic Corridor will be a fundamental driver in transitioning the communities and businesses across the North of Tyne from its proud industrial legacy to a clean growth future.

The Northumberland Line will be a catalyst for transformational change in our economy, and our communities across the entire area. It will:

  • open up access to jobs and support the growth of our economy by connecting key innovation and employment assets in Newcastle City Centre, our business parks in North Tyneside and the green economy cluster in South East Northumberland
  • link our town and places,
  • provide access to good quality housing
  • and open up opportunities for our young people.

By working together across the North of Tyne, the Combined Authority in collaboration with key stakeholders is taking forward a number of opportunities alongside the development of the line including:

  • Bringing forward new development sites
  • Accelerating growth and improving employment and training opportunities in clean energy and other key sectors in our economy
  • Reducing dependency on the car
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Enhancing the profile of our area and our economy

Our vision is to deliver a dynamic and inclusive clean growth economy across the North of Tyne, opening up opportunities to our communities and ensuring a more prosperous and resilient future.

Map of Northumberland

The Northumberland Line Economic Corridor Strategy sets a framework for delivery which capitalises on the strategic reintroduction of the Northumberland Line. The North of Tyne Combined Authority will work closely with local authorities, government and key stakeholders to shape an investment programme to deliver transformation change and take advantage to lever in additional investment.

You can find links to the The Northumberland Line Economic Corridor Strategy Report, Baseline Report and Consultancy Support document  below.