Dale Vince’s Ministry of Eco Education is already educating more than 2 million young people across the UK

Mayor Jamie Driscoll and green industrialist Dale Vince have joined forces to support 300 schools across the North of Tyne to empower children and young people facing the climate challenge.

The collaboration between Dale Vince’s Ministry of Eco Education and North of Tyne Combined Authority will add climate and sustainability education into the existing school curriculum by providing extra resources and support to teachers and pupils. The initiative helps kids understand the climate crisis but also grasp the opportunities of the green industrial revolution which will create the jobs of the future and boost the economy.

The Ministry of Eco Education supports 80,000 teachers across 5,500 schools across the UK. The initiative is educating more than 2 million young people by weaving together the best free resources and opportunities from 100’s of organisations which explore fundamental questions about society.

Green industrialist, Dale Vince OBE, said: “We’re empowering 300 schools across the North of Tyne to help children and young people learn about nature and the environment. We’re doing this by adding new educational resources about sustainability and climate into the existing curriculum. Our collaboration is about giving kids the knowledge they need for the world they are growing up in.

“We’re already working with 5,000 schools and 2 million young people across the UK. Our ambition is to reach 10,000 schools by 2025. With the support of mayors like Jamie Driscoll we’re confident we can reach this goal.”

By 2025, the Department of Education suggests that all schools will require a sustainability lead and a climate action plan. The resources which have gone live this week in the North of Tyne also include locally tailored materials and case studies.

Mayor Jamie Driscoll said: “Everyone knows we’re in the middle of a climate emergency.  Yet it’s not on the school curriculum and 70% of teachers don’t feel confident teaching about it.

“The good news is, in the North of Tyne we’re doing something about it. We’ve teamed up with Dale Vince’s Ministry of Eco Education, to ensure young people are getting the skills they need to navigate the future.

“We’re making sure kids can understand the threats of the climate crisis but also see the opportunities of a green industrial revolution. Dale has built a successful business providing green energy. We’ve already invested £40 million in green industries in the North East and our offshore wind sector is booming.

“I want our young people to grow up with hope in a better future and the skills to help build it.”