We are a young organisation, and this is only our second Annual Report. In 2021 we have been focusing on ‘getting stuff done’. We’re establishing ourselves as an organisation investing in improving people’s lives in our region.

Our top five achievements in 2021 were:

  • More than 4500 new jobs in the pipeline for growing business
  • 2700 jobs saved in a tough economic climate
  • 28, 800 courses made available for people to get good jobs
  • 1700 businesses supported with advice and guidance
  • We launched our £18m Green New Deal fund, investing in low carbon projects.

Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne Mayor said: “If this year has been about anything it’s been about communities; people looking after each other and helping out vulnerable neighbours. We’ve seen regional growth remain relatively strong and I’m optimistic about the future. Every job we have created or safeguarded in 2021 has improved someone’s life – that’s our reason for being here and I could not be more pleased with out success in a challenging year for everyone.”

Norma Redfearn, North of Tyne Deputy Mayor said: “NTCA was created by its founding partners to identify and deliver our shared vision for the region – a happier, healthier, better-connected and more prosperous North of Tyne. Our vision and priorities remain the same, but we have re-shaped portfolios and developed a Corporate Plan to better reflect our focus on key challenges. Not least, recovery from the pandemic and the effects of Brexit. As I look back at 2021 and how we have faced the challenges and done what we needed to do to support our people – I have never been more certain that together we can build a better and brighter future for all of our people.”

Download our Annual Report here