Local Energy Advice Demonstrator Programme (LEAD) 

Working as a key delivery partner of the North East and Yorkshire Net Zero Hub, the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) is supporting the delivery of the LEAD in the North East. The LEAD programme is funding projects piloting new approaches to provide in-person energy advice across the North East between Summer 2023 and March 2025. The aim of the pilot projects is to test approached to delivering in-person advice, focusing directly upon:  

  • Header-to-treat buildings:  In-person visits can better capture the complexities of harder-to-treat buildings. 
  • Harder-to-research consumer groups: local in-person advice may extend the service to certain consumer types. For example, the elderly, disengaged, those with limited internet access and minority ethnic groups. 

The project aligns to the One Stop Shop for retrofit advice being developed by the NTCA, which will involve signposting and/or providing retrofit assessments.  

North of Tyne One Stop Shop Pilot 

The NTCA is developing a One Stop Shop (OSS) programme for energy efficiency and retrofit advice to:  

  • Support households to develop lower-energy solutions  
  • Reduce energy costs for households 
  • Lower carbon emissions 

It is envisaged that the One Stop Shop will underpin a realistic, low-risk and cost-effective plan for a housing stock retrofit programme, typically requiring largescale investment and the appropriate targeting of measures to individual properties to avoid unintended consequence, particularly for fabric measures.