The NTCA are working on several projects committed to providing education, employment and housing to our people.

Coronavirus recovery for our people

The North of Tyne Combined Authority continues to align with national government guidance and work with our partner organisations to ensure a multi-agency approach to coronavirus as it evolves.

Visit the coronavirus recovery page for more information. 


Brexit Support

The UK has left the European Union and there will be new rules for businesses and residents in operation from the 1st January 2021.

The purpose of this webpage is to help direct businesses and residents to externally provided information and advice.

Visit the Brexit Support page for more information. 



As part of the NTCA’s commitment to Adult Education, we have launched an apprenticeship landing page.

You will find links to apprenticeship resources and opportunities in our region.

Visit the Apprenticeship landing page for more information. 


Adult Education Budget Devolution

The combined authority will take control of a £23 million Adult Education Budget (AEB) from central government, that will be used to steer people into work and training.

NTCA will ensure the money is spent more effectively locally when its AEB funded programmes begin in August.

Visit the Adult Education Budget Devolution project for more information. 


Opportunity for All – Strategic Skills Plan

Our vision is of a dynamic and more inclusive economy, one that brings together people and opportunities to create vibrant communities and a high quality of life, narrowing inequalities and ensuring that all residents have a stake in our region’s future.

This Strategic Skills Plan sets out our ambitious programme for skills development in the region.

Visit the Opportunity for All page for more information.


Kickstart Programme

The North of Tyne Combined Authority are assuming the role of Gateway acting on behalf of our Local Authorities to support businesses and charities to access the Kickstart scheme.

Kickstart provides funding to employers to create 6-month job placements for 16-24 year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long-term unemployment.

Visit the Kickstart project for more information. 


Employability and Skills Programme

The North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) has set aside up to £3m of the Inclusive Economy Innovation Fund (IEIF), to provide a much-needed source of match funding to unlock remaining ESF funds available to the region. The Employability and Skills Programme will be delivered in phases to align with different ESF Calls.

NTCA launched the Employability and Skills Programme (Phase 1) in September 2019 and have provided in-principle offers of match-funding to six successful applicants to include in their ESF applications.

Visit the Employability and Skills project for more information. 


Youth Employment Partnerships

The Youth Employment Partnerships (YEP) involves North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA), Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Newcastle City Council, North Tyneside Council and Northumberland County Council and providers of employment and skills support.

The YEP will ensure any gaps in provision for young people are addressed, and there is additional capacity to improve engagement of young people.

Visit the Youth Employment Partnerships page for more information


North of Tyne Working Homes

North of Tyne Working Homes is the first large scale employment support programme we have launched. It is an innovative partnership between housing providers housing associations, learning providers and local authorities.

Visit the Working Homes project for more information. 


Return to Work Carers Pilot

The NTCA are working in partnership with representatives from the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to assist in the region’s recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Return to Work Carers’ pilot will help our residents who have caring commitments, but want to find work, access a range of route-ways to local jobs.

Visit the Return to Work Carers project for more information. 


Climate Change Education

The North of Tyne Combined Authority recognises the importance of children having access to world class environmental education and are exploring ways to support our schools to provide this.

Visit the Climate Change Education project for more information. 


STEM and Digital Skills

The Combined Authority is funding several projects which will prepare young people for the economic opportunities of the future.

Some of the initial projects funded include:
Kielder Observatory, NTCA Heritage STEM, Inspire North of Tyne and Connect.

Visit the STEM and digital skills project for more information. 


Roundtable on Wellbeing


The Roundtable on Wellbeing is a partnership with Carnegie UK Trust. Visit Roundtable on Wellbeing for more information

Poverty Truth Commission

Children North East will deliver the Poverty Truth Commission for North of Tyne.  Visit Poverty Truth Commission for more information.


We’ve worked hard with our partners in the Local Authorities to identify where best the money should be spent, to target where it will best benefit local communities.

Norma Redfearn CBE
Deputy NTCA Mayor and Mayor of North Tyneside

For specific project contact details please visit the project page.

You can find information about all the NTCA projects through our interactive map.

For general enquiries please follow the contact details provided.