North of Tyne Combined Authority is dedicated in working alongside our local communities, to create opportunities and growth for our region.

Brexit Support

The United Kingdom has left the European Union and new rules for businesses and residents came into operation from the 1 January 2021. The purpose of this webpage is to help direct businesses and residents to externally provided information and advice.

Visit the Brexit Support page for more information. 

Child Poverty Prevention Programme

NTCA is committed to giving every child in our region the opportunity to thrive.  Working with local authority partners and school leaders, we have developed a programme made up of three pillars:  

  •  Funding an innovative programme of poverty interventions in schools across the North of Tyne 
  •  Bringing welfare rights advice and support directly into school settings 
  •  Working with employers to tackle child poverty

Visit the Child Poverty Prevention Programme page for more information

Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change

North of Tyne Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change took place between February 24 and March 24 2021. The Citizen’s Assembly’s report was published on July 14 and endorsed by Cabinet on July 27.  We are taking a phased approach to respond to the Citizens’ Assembly report and recommendations.

Visit the Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change for more information. 


Community Hubs

NTCA’s Community Hubs Investment Fund was approved by the cabinet to fund multi-use community hubs for the future, as the region looks beyond the immediate Coronavirus pandemic. The £1.5 million fund will support organisations in Newcastle, North Tyneside, and Northumberland that provide a range of community services under one roof.

Visit the Community Hubs project for more information. 

Coronavirus recovery for our Communities

NTCA continues to align with national government guidance and work with our partner organisations to ensure a multi-agency approach to coronavirus as it evolves.

Visit the coronavirus recovery page for more information.

Crowdfund North of Tyne

Crowdfund North of Tyne Banner

Crowdfund North of Tyne gives local people the opportunity to create and fund projects which celebrate and improve our local areas. During the coronavirus crisis we have seen the amazing resilience, innovation and compassion of people within our communities. As we emerge from the crisis, we hope that this programme will become a springboard for a locally led recovery.

Visit our Crowdfund North of Tyne page for more information.

Culture and Creative Investment Programme

This NTCA and Creative UK  two year £2.625 million investment programme aims to stimulate culture and creativity in the North of Tyne.

Visit the Culture and Creative Investment Programme for more information.

Digital Inclusion Scheme

Working closely with Northumberland County Council, North Tyneside Council, and Newcastle City Council, the Combined Authority pledged £680k to help residents in the North of Tyne stay connected with key services during Covid-19.  This project was delivered until May 2021.

Visit the Digital Inclusion project for more information. 

Green New Deal Fund

This ground-breaking low carbon investment fund that will invest £18 million in low carbon infrastructure in the region over the next four years, and can invest directly into SMEs to support business growth and innovation.

For more information go to the Green New Deal Fund page.

Poverty Truth Commission

Children North East will deliver the Poverty Truth Commission for the North of Tyne.

Visit Poverty Truth Commission for more information.

Roundtable on Wellbeing

The Roundtable on Wellbeing is a partnership with Carnegie UK Trust.  The report and framework from the Roundtable are available to download.

Visit the Roundtable on Wellbeing for more information.

Social Finance Fund

NTCA and Power to Change have launched a strategic partnership with the objective of growing and further developing the social economy in the North of Tyne area, in partnership with local stakeholders.  

Visit our Social Finance Fund page for more information

Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise sector

North of Tyne Combined Authority understands the importance of our Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector in the region. We are committed to working closely with these VCSE organisations  At present, Robin Fry, from North Tyneside VODA, acts as the Mayor’s Ambassador to the Voluntary sector. This role will alternate between members of the VCSE across our three local authorities. Additionally, the Mayor and NTCA officers have scheduled meetings with the VCSE-NTCA Stakeholder Group, to discuss specific issues regarding the sector.


Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty – 5 Point Plan

North of Tyne Combined Authority have developed a 5-point plan, to ensure we take everyone with us as we transition to a new green economy.

View our 5-point plan here. 


For specific project contact details please visit the project page.

You can find information about all the NTCA projects through our interactive map.

For general enquiries please follow the contact details provided.