Zero carbon, Zero poverty


“I refuse to condemn my sons’ generation and future generations to a planet that’s beyond fixing. We are going to take everyone with us as we transition to a new green economy. This means ensuring that all our jobs are fit for the future. We must act now, and in the North of Tyne we have a plan – one that is for people, and for jobs.”

– Mayor Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne


Our 5-point plan

Good Green Jobs: 

  • A relentless focus on investment to create good green jobs
  • Rolling out our Good Work Pledge – for better jobs and decent wages
  • Turbo charging local firms to build a green economy

Future Green Skills:

  • Bring together education and industry to put green skills at the heart of our workforce
  • Create green retraining opportunities for adults who need to change jobs
  • Invest in STEM to give our young people a modern world-class education

Net Zero Economy:

  • Decarbonise the grid by investing in wind energy, battery technology and clean electricity
  • Create low carbon jobs in digital, life sciences and culture
  • Campaign for an affordable, safe and integrated public transport system; connecting our region faster, unlocking growth and creating new jobs.

Great Place To Be:

  • Housing for everyone – more homes on unused derelict land
  • Invest in digital for all so that everyone can easily get online reducing the need to travel
  • Reimagining our High Streets, to support sustainability, culture and local produce

Citizen Power

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