We know that wellbeing means different things to different people. It is often described as being made up of four parts: social, economic, environmental, and democratic outcomes. Put simply, this means that everyone in our region has what they need to live comfortably, now and in the future. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has been a social, health and economic crisis. That’s why North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA), in partnership with Carnegie UK Trust and stakeholders from across the North of Tyne and have created a Wellbeing Framework to help deliver our inclusive economy ambitions.  

NTCA used a Roundtable methodology, working with 12 independent members to gather the views of citizens and experts, and to use this evidence to create the framework. 

The Roundtable met four times between May and October 2021 and collected and looked at a wide range of evidence on what matters to people who live and work in the North of Tyne. This included:   

  • Looking at international research on wellbeing policy and practice, and NTCA’s own vision and policies (such as NTCA’s Devolution Deal, Corporate Plan, and Inclusive Economy Policy Statement)  
  • Written evidence from organisations, businesses, and universities on what they think matters to wellbeing in the North of Tyne  
  • Community conversations, run by local charities and community groups, to ask residents what matters most to them - with a focus on group’s who’s voices are less heard in traditional decision-making 
  • A YouGov survey that asked over 1700 residents questions about the North of Tyne they wanted to see  

From this evidence, the Roundtable produced ten wellbeing outcomes. These outcomes provide a set of goals to enhance the social, economic, environmental, and democratic wellbeing of everyone living in the North of Tyne and form a Wellbeing Framework.

The framework will help the Combined Authority to make decisions that improve the wellbeing of everyone in the region, and will help achieve our vision to have “… a dynamic and more inclusive economy, one that brings together people and opportunities to create vibrant communities and a high quality of life, narrowing inequalities and ensuring that all residents have a stake in our region’s future.” 


The full report is available here, the executive summary is available here, and the shorter read report is available here.

Read the blog  Professor Mark Shucksmith OBE (Newcastle University) and Sarah McMillan (Northumberland County Council) to find out what the Roundtable for Wellbeing in the North of Tyne heard and what it means.

We would love to hear how you’re tackling wellbeing in the North of Tyne. For more on the Framework or to discuss, please contact rhiannon.bearne@northoftyne-ca.gov.uk.