Working to assist in the region’s recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The NTCA are working in partnership with representatives from the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector to assist in the region’s recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is now more important than ever to help North of Tyne residents to be able to move into work. This lies at the heart of our aim to create a more inclusive economy. Our North of Tyne Return to Work Carers pilot is one of our first initiatives to do this.

The pilot will help our residents who have caring commitments, but want to find work, access a range of route-ways to local jobs. It is available to both adult carers and young adult carers and is being delivered by an innovative partnership between the NTCA, carer support organisations and local employers.

NTCA takes a partnership approach to delivering an Inclusive Economy. We recognise that our local carer support organisations are best placed to engage with carers who want to move into employment and link them with some real workplace opportunities offered by local employers.

Newcastle Carers, North Tyneside Carers Centre, and Carers Northumberland have worked with NTCA to develop a pilot that best meets the needs of local carers which gives local employers a pool of potential recruits and a diverse workforce.

The three carer organisations have recruited advisers who will engage with local carers, assess their needs and support them to prepare for returning to work. The first step will be a work-based opportunity with a suitable employer. This will be done in ways that meets the needs of both returners and employers.

From early June, individuals within the NTCA area, who have caring responsibilities, will be able to contact the advisers for support and guidance.

To contact your local carers’ centre:

Newcastle Carers:


Telephone: 0191 275 5060

Carers Northumberland:


Telephone: 01670 320025

North Tyneside Carers Centre:


Telephone: 0191 643 2298