The North of Tyne Combined Authority’s (NTCA’s) funding for Skills provides the opportunity to join up the regions skills and training offer, reduce duplication and make sure we are reaching those communities most disadvantaged. In order to achieve this, we are launching a Post 16 Flexible Procurement Framework and inviting a wide range of organisations and providers of skills including FE Colleges, independent training organisations, VCSE organisations and other stakeholders including employer providers to tender for a place on the Framework.

The Flexible Procurement Framework will be utilised to procure providers for devolved funding and other funding streams that NTCA has access to for Skills. We aim to secure packages of provision across 7 Lots that will include:

Lot 1: Devolved Adult Skills Fund (Adult Education Budget)

Lot 2: Level 3 Free Courses for Jobs

Lot 3: Skills Bootcamps

Lot 4: UKSPF People & Skills and Multiply

Lot 5: Skills for Growth

Lot 6: Place and Innovation

Lot 7: Skills Support for the Workforce

The estimated total value of the Flexible Procurement Framework (across Lots 1 to 7 inclusive) is £132m. This sum is calculated by £33m for the Term, £33m for a potential 1st 12-month extension, £33m for a potential 2nd 12-month extension and £33m for potential 3rd 12-month extension.

The £132m figure reflects the total value of this flexible procurement agreement (across Lots 1 to 7) that we may deploy because of this procurement competition including any possible contract extensions. The value of the flexible procurement agreement has been calculated to reflect the anticipated requirement for the Services as specified at this time.  The overall value is in no way guaranteed and may vary in accordance with affordability, the Government’s overall spending priorities and requirements, and any other relevant factors.

Please read all Tender Documents carefully and follow instructions.

The Contract Notice is available here and Flexible Procurement Agreement is available here.

The deadline for tender submissions is 12.00 noon on Friday 16 December 2022

The presentation from the Post 16 Flexible Procurement Framework for Skills provision market engagement event held on On 7 November 2022 event is available here and the Q&A available here.

Any questions should be submitted to