This Call seeks to bring forward innovative proposals for an organisation to deliver the NTCA's Kickstart core offer.

Fundamental to our role as a Kickstart Gateway is ensuring that the employers we engage with create good quality placements and the young people benefiting from them gain a positive outcome from their placement. Central to this is a core offer of additional support to ensure that both the young person and employer gain a positive experience from Kickstart.  This Call seeks to bring forward innovative proposals for an organisation to deliver this core offer.

The national Kickstart Scheme provides funding to create new job placements for 16 to 24 – year olds on Universal Credit. NTCA’s Kickstart programme is now live, with a cohort of placements agreed and young people starting in the roles we have created.

NTCA’s ambition for Kickstart is to work with employers to create good quality placements in line with the expectations of the NTCA Good Work Pledge. Ensuring that both the young person and the employer gain a positive experience from Kickstart is the core objective of our approach.

This approach will build effective relationships around the young person and secure suitable and sustainable placements, maximising the availability of timely support.  It will provide data and insights which inform the ongoing development of the Kickstart scheme and will become an integral aspect of the NTCA Gateway operations.

We expect that this programme will be required to support up to 750 young people and up to 15 employers per month – throughout the lifetime of the Kickstart programme. Delivery is expected to commence in June 2021 – where there will be an anticipated caseload of 60 young people with which to immediately engage – with capacity required to be responsive to the further rollout and scaling of the programme. DWP currently anticipate that the final placements on Kickstart will be approved in December 2021 and will continue for a six-month period.

Key Dates:

– Call Opens: 26th April 2021

– Deadline for applications to NTCA: 16th May 2021

– Assessment of proposals by NTCA, questions and clarifications (where required): w/c 17th May 2021

– Delivery Organisation appointed and ready to launch: 1st June 2021

This call is now closed.