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Call for proposals from Research and Technology Organisations to deliver activity to improve levels of Innovation and R&D from April 2023 to March 2025 

The North of Tyne Combined Authority and Durham County Council as the Lead Accountable Body for UKSPF in their respective area are inviting proposals for strategic projects that will achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve overall levels of innovation and contribute significantly to a narrowing of the gap in R&D activity and productivity between County Durham and North of Tyne areas and national averages.
  • Drive the commercial exploitation of university research and innovation expertise, creating additional wealth and direct creation of new high value jobs and enterprises in the local economy.
  • Increase the number and quality of spin out companies from universities and other research-intensive organisations; ensuring the mentoring, talent, and investment they need to meet their potential is available.
  • Connect local businesses with collaborative innovation opportunities at our knowledge intensive institutions, including universities and catapult centres, to accelerate innovation in our key sectors and areas of economic potential.
  • Develop cross sector collaboration that unlocks private sector investment in R&D.
  • Deliver direct economic impact in the form of achievement of UKSPF outputs and outcomes, and to do so at a value for money benchmark that is in-line with local and national conventions as set out in this call document.

The deadline for applications is Noon on the 14 March 2023.

An application Form and supporting documentation can be requested by emailing mark.stamper@northoftyne-ca.gov.uk. Forms should be requested no later than 5 working days prior to the submission deadline set out in the call document.

Completed applications should be submitted in line with the guidance in the Call Definition Document.