The NTCA community hubs pilot scheme will support our community organisations to provide services.

Community Hubs

The North of Tyne Combined Authority’s (NTCA) Community Hubs Investment Fund has been approved by the cabinet to support multi-use community hubs for the future.

As the region looks beyond the immediate Coronavirus pandemic,  NTCA wants to continue to support our communities through projects and organisations which make a real difference on the ground.

Working through our three constituent authorities, the £1.5 million fund will support organisations in Newcastle, North Tyneside, and Northumberland that provide a range of community services under one roof. Our local authority partners will develop with their plans in consultation with community partners. Further news on local projects will be shared on this page in future.

During the coronavirus lockdown, community centres and hubs have been vital in our areas response. They have provided meals and gave a helping hand to the people in throughout the North of Tyne. By supporting innovation and adaptation the fund will help our community organisations continue to play a central role in our recovery and into the future.

Our three local authorities will work in collaboration with NTCA to support projects and organisations, helping them develop new services and delivery methods.

The Combined Authority will also work with its local authorities to understand ‘what works best’ and learn key lessons for the future.

Community Hubs is one of Mayor Jamie Driscoll’s priorities detailed in his 2019 manifesto.

The community hub funding was approved at the July 2020 cabinet.