The North of Tyne Combined Authority is committed to bringing world-class environmental education to every school in the region.

NTCA Climate Change Education

The North of Tyne Combined Authority recognises the importance of children having access to world class environmental education and are exploring ways to support our schools to provide this. Teachers can access and undertake UN accredited online courses on climate change through UN CC:Learn for example:

Climate Change: From Learning to Action: (approximately 8 hours learning)

Children and Climate Change: (approximately 2 hours learning)

Open Online Course on Gender and Environment: (approximately 6 hours learning)

Cities and Climate Change: (approximately 2 hours learning)

Human Health and Climate Change: (approximately 2 hours learning)

These courses are free to enrol and provide certificates of completion to learners that obtain a passing grade of 70% or more on completion of the courses.


Climate Change Co-benefits

North of Tyne Combined Authority are currently working in partnership with the charity Ashden on a climate change co-benefits project.

Ashden also provide support directly to schools through their LESS CO2 sustainable schools programme which is a free energy efficiency programme available to any UK school.  In partnership with Global Action Plan, and a coalition of sustainable schools organisations, Ashden are also running the national schools campaign Let’s Go Zero uniting UK schools working to cut their carbon emissions to zero by 2030.

Future generations are the ones who will suffer most. This is making sure that everybody is getting that world-class environmental education.

Jamie Driscoll
NTCA Mayor