The North of Tyne will be the first English region to run a Citizens' Assembly on climate change.

The North of Tyne Citizens’ Assembly on climate change will take place online

The North of Tyne Combined Authority has refreshed plans for a Citizens’ Assembly on climate change, following the coronavirus pandemic.

After Cabinet approval in February 2020, plans for the Citizens’ Assembly were put on hold due to the nationwide lockdown.

We have now revised our plans and have procured Shared Future to design and facilitate our Citizens’ Assembly.

A Citizens’ Assembly is a particular method of engaging a randomly-selected representative sample of the public to consider an issue in depth and produce recommendations for decision-makers. It is different from other forms of public consultation and engagement.

The North of Tyne Citizens’ Assembly will examine a specific set of issues relating to climate change and produce recommendations for the North of Tyne Cabinet to consider.

“Our councils are upgrading vehicle fleets, planting trees and installing solar panels. But it’s vital that we get our citizens involved. They can tell us what changes are possible in daily life to make rapid progress.”

Jamie Driscoll
North of Tyne Mayor

What happens next?

Shared Future have started work.

We are in the process of establishing an Oversight Panel to determine the topic and questions to be put to the Citizens’ Assembly to consider and to approve the expert witnesses participants will hear from.