The North of Tyne will be the first English region to run a Citizens' Assembly on climate change.

“What should we do in the region to address climate change and its causes fairly, effectively and quickly?”

That is the question that the Citizens’ Assembly will consider when it meets from February to April 2021.

Around 50 people from across the North of Tyne region (Newcastle, North Tyneside, and Northumberland) will be randomly-selected as Assembly members.

10,000 letters will be sent out to randomly-selected households in the New Year inviting people to take part. Those interested will be asked to provide some basic details about themselves to enable a further round of selection by the recruitment team to ensure a representative sample of the population.

Recruitment will be conducted by our Citizens’ Assembly provider, Shared Future, and its partners. The North of Tyne Combined Authority will play no role in choosing the individuals who will take part in the Citizens’ Assembly.

A Citizens’ Assembly is a particular method of engaging a randomly-selected representative sample of the public to consider an issue in depth and produce recommendations for decision-makers. It is different from other forms of public consultation and engagement.

The North of Tyne Citizens’ Assembly will meet for around 30 hours, spread over several weeks. It will hear from experts and produce recommendations for the North of Tyne Cabinet to consider.

“Our councils are upgrading vehicle fleets, planting trees and installing solar panels. But it’s vital that we get our citizens involved. They can tell us what changes are possible in daily life to make rapid progress.”

Jamie Driscoll
North of Tyne Mayor

What happens next?

10,000 letters will be sent out to randomly-selected households in January 2021 asking people to register their interest in becoming Assembly members.

The Citizens’ Assembly will meet online for the first time in February 2021.

Our Oversight Panel will meet regularly throughout the process.