As part of the NTCA’s commitment to Adult Education, we have launched our apprenticeship landing page.

Apprenticeships Landing Page

Apprenticeships are for anyone aged over 16, and are a valuable way to get the skills you need to improve your chances of getting a better quality job. They are a genuine job and you are employed from the very first day.

Apprenticeships combine practical training with study. You will work alongside experienced staff – gain job-specific skills – earn a wage and get holiday pay. Time is given for study related to the role, equivalent to one day a week.

Apprenticeships can take 1 to 5 years to complete depending on their level. The levels range from GCSE to Master’s Degree equivalents. You can find more information here:

You need to be living in England and not currently in full time education to be eligible.

Below are links for potential apprentices, employers, parents, guardians, and those advising young people.

We’re committed to seeking ways to unlock potential

Cllr Bruce Pickard
NTCA Cabinet Member for Economic Growth

Links for apprentices, parents, guardians, employers and those advising young people:

What jobs can be an apprenticeship?

There is a list of the apprenticeships available here:

How do I find an apprenticeship?

You can talk to your local college or training provider
Or apply through the government’s “become an apprentice” site available here:

Links for employers:

The North East Growth Hub has a range of information for employers:

Why should I employ an apprentice?

How can I recruit an apprentice?