The North of Tyne Combined Authority controls a £23 million per annum Adult Education Budget (AEB).

Adult Education Budget

The NTCA has control of a £23 million Adult Education Budget (AEB) from central government. The budget, which went live in August 2020, is being used to help steer people into work and training.

The purpose of the AEB is to engage adults, aged 19 and over, in learning, and equip them with the skills needed to progress to employment, Apprenticeships or other learning.

The AEB Devolution allows the NTCA to help deliver funds locally, to better meet the needs of the North of Tyne area and the residents. The devolution deals transfer certain powers and funding, previously held by Central Government, to Mayoral Combined Authorities (MCAs).

The £23 million devolved funds are provided to the North of Tyne Combined Authority to boost the life chances and adult skills of people in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

NTCA’s ambition is that AEB will deliver high quality skills provision which leads to positive outcomes for individuals and provides clear progression pathways for our residents to access the local labour market and future economic development opportunities.

We believe in opportunity for all, removing the barriers which make it difficult for people to take up employment and training opportunities. We want to empower our people with the skills and resources they need to take ownership of their futures and secure good jobs with fair living wages.

Grants and contracts have been awarded to 29 adult education providers. This will unlock 37,500 learning opportunities for North of Tyne residents between now and 2021.

It will fund more than 37,500 learning opportunities for residents through this fund in 2020-21.

This will drive residents to increase their skills, with almost half of learning opportunities (nearly 15,000) at Level 2 in 2020-21, up from a third (nearly 10,000) in 2018/19.

Please ensure that you read Schedule 3 – NTCA Funding & Performance Management Rules before applying for funding.


“Better education leads to better jobs. We’re supporting people to get more qualified so they can earn more.”

Jamie Driscoll
NTCA Mayor

The North of Tyne AEB Strategic Skills Plan highlights the strengths, opportunities and challenges across the region and sets out key priorities for the devolved AEB to ensure it supports the North of Tyne Combined Authority’s Vision.

Supporting our residents to acquire the skills needed to secure and progress in employment is at the heart of the North of Tyne Combined Authority Vision and is committed to in our Inclusive Economy Policy Statement .