Metro Mayor for the North of Tyne, Jamie Driscoll, is today calling on companies and charities across the region to demonstrate their commitment to providing good jobs by signing up to an independent kitemark.

The North of Tyne Combined Authority’s (NTCA) ‘Good Work Pledge’ scheme is designed to help employers prove their credentials as good places to work. This means providing secure jobs with development opportunities, fair representation, and wages that mean a decent standard of living as a minimum. As many as 85 organisations – including accountants, restaurants, cleaning companies, and even a theatre troupe – have ‘taken the pledge’, at no extra cost. Marketing company ‘O Agency’, Northumbria University, and micro-retail business ‘For the Love of the North’ are among the latest organisations to be awarded this status.

Mayor Driscoll praised the latest sign-ups to the scheme – and called for more local organisations to follow their example. He said: “There are jobs and there are good jobs. They’re not always the same thing. Do they pay enough? Are they secure? Are there opportunities to learn and develop and are staff treated fairly? We’ve come out of a pandemic and into a cost-of-living crisis, good work matters now more than ever. Every employer in the region should aspire to be a good employer. And those that are should proudly pin their colours to the mast by signing our Good Work Pledge. Hats off to those that already have.”

Poster of text about the Good Work Pledge with a large tick

When asked what the Good Work Pledge meant to their business, Frances Ratliff, Associate Director at O Agency, said: “Our people are the heartbeat of O, and we’re continually looking at ways to build on and improve the workplace experience for them – both in and outside of the agency. The Good Work Pledge award shows our continued commitment to making O a great place to work and is true recognition for the role everyone plays in making the agency such a fun and positive environment. I’d encourage anyone passionate about their people and company culture to sign up.”

Jane Embley, Chief People Officer for Northumbria University, said: “Northumbria University is committed to the Good Work Pledge alongside many other local organisations and aims to contribute to a ‘community of good work’ through networking, sharing learning and support in the pursuit of good work and sustainability. We are delighted to receive the Advanced Award in recognition of the great work we do against all five pillars of good practice. We work hard to ensure that our colleagues are happy, healthy, have a positive work/life balance and have other terms and conditions they value.”

Companies applying for accreditation must set out how they meet various good practices by showing, for example, their flexible working options for employees, and policies that promote equality and diversity.

For more information about the ‘Good Work Pledge’ visit: View all the businesses signed up to the Pledge, here.