Young people across the North of Tyne will get extra help to become the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ in science and engineering.

The North of Tyne Combined Authority’s  (NTCA’s) Cabinet is set to make a new funding package available to support creative ways of boosting science, technology, engineering and maths training.

New financial support is proposed to support people choosing a STEM career once they reach 18.

The Combined Authority will will consider allocating  £1.25m to fund organisations offering innovative new ways of preparing the region for the next generation of economic opportunities.

While a lot of good work already takes place around STEM  and the region’s businesses have many partnerships with schools  – the NTCA wants to invest more as this is vitally important to the future of our economy.

The NTCA wants to see more youngsters developing the digital skills to meet demand in key areas of the labour market and have STEM embedded into a whole school approach, to inspire more young people to pursue these subjects and get involved in coding skills.

The project will support one of the six key priorities in the NTCA vision , ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’, which focuses on supporting a high quality, inclusive education system, which ensures our young people have the skills and qualifications to take up good quality training, apprenticeships and jobs.

Interim Mayor for the NTCA Norma Redfearn CBE explained: “We’re committed to bringing forward a programme of activity which supports the delivery of our priorities for our young people.

“The STEM and Digital Skills programme aims to inspire the development of key and essential  skills to ensure that our young people can take advantage of the future opportunities that our economy will bring.

“We also want to provide support for high-performing programmes that add capacity and variety to what’s already available, offer something innovative or inspirational and link directly to good careers guidance.”

Councillor Wayne Daley, Cabinet Member for Educational Improvement, added: “This is one of a range of  exciting and innovative projects to be delivered by the Combined Authority.

“I’m delighted that young people and schools will benefit and I hope STEM professionals will come forward to deliver world class STEM lessons for our young people in the North of Tyne area.

“There are massive career opportunities for young people getting engaged with science engineering and technology and I want us to be the world leader in this area and develop the clear link between learning and earning.”