North of Tyne Combined Authority’s (NTCA)  independent kitemark established to formally recognise good employers has received its 65th sign-up.

The ‘Good Work Pledge’ was first announced in 2020 by NTCA Metro Mayor Jamie Driscoll.  It opened for applications early last year and now covers around 40,000 employees across the region.

The scheme is designed to recognise organisations that demonstrate commitment to providing ‘good jobs’ – employment that offers security, development opportunities, fair representation, and a decent standard of living as a minimum.

Companies applying for accreditation must set out how they meet various good practices by showing, for example, their flexible working options for employees, and policies that promote equality and diversity.

Now, 65 organisations – ranging from large corporations to small and even micro businesses – have received accreditation.

Among those to be awarded this status is the multi-award-winning theatre, drama, and creative learning charity, Mortal Fools, based in Northumberland. Kiz Crosbie, CEO and Artistic Director, said: “We were delighted to achieve The Good Work Pledge. We take our social responsibility very seriously. It is a consistent golden thread through all our work.

“The Good Work Pledge priorities mirror our commitment to strive for better and go for growth with social purpose whilst understanding our responsibility as a business to our communities. To have the Good Work Pledge team assess our submission and award at the highest level really meant something to us; it validates that we truly do practice what we preach.”

Accountants and business advisors, Robson Laidler, in Newcastle, have also taken the Good Work pledge.  Their Director of People and Culture, Amy Park, said:  “Robson Laidler is proud to have achieved recognition in The North of Tyne Combined Authority’s Good Work Pledge’.

“Our purpose as a business is to ‘make a positive difference to people’s lives’, and our people and culture are at the heart of this. It’s all about having a bit of a soul – the impact of this business is more than a financial return for the owners.

“Why would you not want to be part of creating a better world, a better local community, and a better place for your people to work.”

Elsewhere in the region, cleaning company Eco Steam praised the Good Work Pledge for providing the company with some great ideas for…an even more exceptional work place”.

Rachael Kuronboev, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, said: “The Good Work Pledge provided us with the pillars of good practice to provide a safe, secure, and thriving workplace for our valued team.

“Our team understands what we are working towards and are proud to be part of an organisation that aims to improve and grow continuously.”

At a time of increasing economic uncertainty, Metro Mayor Jamie Driscoll praised those companies and charities that have committed to the scheme – and called on more organisations to sign up to it. He said: There are jobs and there are good jobs. They’re not always the same thing.

“Do they pay enough? Are they secure? Are there opportunities to learn and develop and are staff fairly represented?

“As we stare down the barrel of a cost of living crisis, good work matters more than ever. Thank you to those companies and charities that have taken the pledge.

“Every employer in the region should aspire to be a good employer. Every employer should sign our Good Work Pledge.”

Good Work Pledge Infographic with contact information

The Good Work Pledge scheme is freely available to all employers and its criteria also serves as a potential plan for businesses striving to improve their own employment practices.  More information on our Good Work Pledge is available here