Mayor Jamie Driscoll has committed to offering support to veterans and serving armed forces personnel.

Mayor Driscoll signed the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of the North of Tyne Combined Authority, at a ceremony in Newcastle’s Laing Art Gallery attended by representatives from the Army, Navy, RAF, and reserve forces.

The covenant, which was first created in 2014, encourages community support for personnel, families and veterans.  Learn more here: Home – Armed Forces Covenant

Mayor Driscoll said: “Nobody should be disadvantaged because they have served in uniform.

“Our armed services not only keep us safe in a military sense but we saw through the pandemic the way they stepped up.

“What the Armed Forces Covenant does is it means things like a guaranteed job interview, provided you meet the qualifications required, and it means things like support for people who are transitioning from a life in the military and for dependants and loved ones.

“It’s a big deal, it matters to our region, and I’m really happy to have signed.”

Lt Col Terry Denton

Lt Col Terry Denton REME signed the Armed Forces Covenant with Mayor Jamie Driscoll

Chief Executive of the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Organisation for the North of England Paul Baker said: “The North of Tyne Combined Authority has made an important step in signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

“It is saying that for those things under its control, in or related to the combined authority, nobody who has served or is serving in the Armed Forces will be disadvantaged.

“That is a tremendously powerful statement, which is honoured by having members of the Armed Forces sign alongside Mayor Driscoll, to acknowledge his commitment.”