Children North East has been appointed to deliver the Poverty Truth Commission for North of Tyne. The first phase of the project is set to begin in August 2021 and will run for two years. 

The commission will take time to listen to the experiences of people living in poverty and develop a deep understanding of the issue for our region.  The ongoing effects of the pandemic have made life difficult for many residents. As North of Tyne Combined Authority develops plans to invest and recover from the pandemic it is vital that the experiences of everyone are listened to, particularly those whose voices are often overlooked.   

Cllr Karen Kilgour, Cabinet Member for Education, Inclusion and Skills said: “We have a unique opportunity to shape investment for everyone as we recover from the pandemic. The Poverty Truth Commission is central to the work of the Combined Authority it puts our commitment to an inclusive economy into practice.  We will work with partners, listen to local people and together we will find solutions.  Investment can unlock opportunities for all only when everyone is included.” 

Councillor Karen Kilgour

Councillor Karen Kilgour

The Poverty Truth Commission will build on the work being done to address poverty and exclusion in our three local authority areas. It will provide a way to hear directly from a diverse range of voices in our communities, helping to develop projects and programmes which are genuinely responsive to their needs.  This will support NTCA’s aim to recover, reimagine and redesign for the North of Tyne after the pandemic. 

Luke Bramhall, lead on poverty at Children North East, said:  “Given recent rises in poverty and the need for a strong recovery from the pandemic, it is vital that we listen to people, families, young people and children with direct experience of poverty.  That’s why we are working with North of Tyne on a Poverty Truth Commission.  It is crucial to listen and learn. This commission will do just that and will inform and influence our recovery for the better.”  

NTCA are delighted to be working in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the Community Foundation for Tyne & Wear and Northumberland on the North of Tyne Poverty Truth Commission. They are co-funding the project and providing valuable expertise. 

Rob Williamson, Chief Executive of the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, said:  “Poverty is a key issue facing people across our area – and its impact is worsening because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the Community Foundation, we are firmly on the side of communities who are most affected and want to use all the tools we have – money, knowledge and networks – to help.  So we’re excited to be working with the Combined Authority on the Poverty Truth Commission.  The initiative is important because it won’t talk our area down, but it will help people have their voices heard and experiences understood so, together, we can all make more of a difference to the issues affecting them.” 

 Katie Schmuecker, Deputy Director of Policy and Partnerships for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation said: “The Poverty Truth Commission for the North of Tyne will offer an important way for people with lived experience of poverty to work with civic and business leaders to share their experiences and expertise and together find solutions.   Even before the pandemic poverty was reaching unacceptable levels, and coronavirus has made this worse for some and uncertain for many more.  All of those involved should recognise the importance of this moment and this project, which the Joseph Rowntree Foundation is proud to support.” 

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