A Global security company that is aiming to create 1,000 now North of Tyne jobs has more than trebled its target in its first year of operations.

Alarm company Verisure is aiming to expand in the UK over the next decade with the opening of a Centre of Excellence at the Quorum business park in North Tyneside. It had planned to recruit 85 people in its first year, but despite the challenges of the pandemic lockdowns, the company has taken on nearly 300 people and says it will recruit another 100 in 2021.

Mayor Jamie Driscoll in front of a Verisure sign

Mayor Jamie Driscoll

North of Tyne Mayor Jamie Driscoll hailed the success and praised Verisure for not just creating jobs, but careers. He said: “I met [Verisure managing director] Gabino and his senior team back in 2019, when they were still scoping the country to choose the location for Verisure’s UK centre of excellence. I think one of the things that marked the North of Tyne out as different was when I asked the directors about their journey with Verisure. They had worked their way up from the shop floor. I asked them how committed they were to staying here. Their number one objective was to recruit a stable team, where people would grow with the company.

“We have a shared belief that prosperity comes from looking after people and developing your workforce. To have grown the way the company has, through the pandemic and lockdowns of the past year, is evidence that planning for the long term brings success. Verisure is not just creating jobs. It is creating careers.”

Man in front of Verisure sign

Verisure last year signed an 11-year lease at the 104,000 sq ft building at Quorum Park, offering jobs in customer service, technical support, field operations, training, IT, telesales, HR and finance. The company, which has more than 3.7m customers in 16 countries in Europe and Latin America, invested £3m in the move.

Woman in front of Verisure sign

Kevin Croft, site director at the Centre of Excellence, said: “It is a remarkable achievement to have trebled our anticipated head count in our first year. I have witnessed our team grow week by week and the fact we have already taken up the option of an additional 13,000 sq ft of space and with staff already in place, is truly inspiring. Arriving during the first national lockdown was a challenging undertaking. At every stage we acted with great speed and agility to navigate the ever-changing regulations, whilst hiring and growing at an exceptional rate. “Our priority throughout has been the safety of our workforce and is why we have implemented strict health and safety procedures, in line with Government guidelines.

“Before choosing to move to Quorum Park, we undertook deep analysis of more than 15 of the UK’s larger urban areas. North Tyneside stood out for many reasons including the friendliness of the people, the incredible quality of life and the high standard of education. The Covid-19 response confirmed beyond doubt that we made the correct decision. Our workforce is predominately made up of people from the region and the resilience and grit they have shown to adapt to the ever-changing working landscape, whilst providing the highest quality of service to our customers, has been truly inspiring and we salute them all.”

Verisure managing director Gabino Sanchez added: “We came to the North East with the promise of delivering 1,000 jobs and we are well on our way to that. My thanks go to all those who have helped us come to the region, made us feel welcome and have supported us so enthusiastically throughout the last year.”