Northern TUC Regional Secretary

Liz took up position as the TUCs Northern Regional Secretary in 2021 after 15 years working at national and international level for the trade union movement.

Liz has been instrumental in leading campaigns that improve working people’s lives.  As part of her portfolio at the International Transport Workers’ Federation, Liz led a programme in the fishing sector working with unions to improve standards across the globe including government and NFP agencies; the maritime community and regulators such as Interpol, the EU and the ILO.

Most recently, Liz led the Federation’s supply chain strategy to ensure that workers’ rights along supply chains are improved.

Now leading the trade union community across the North-East and Cumbria, Liz will also bring her regional and national experience from campaigning around schools, care homes and across public and outsourced services to ensure that the TUCs role in all boards and public fora result in tangible outcomes for working people.

Declaration of Interests