Good Work Business Pledge

Businesses and employees encouraged to submit views on proposed North of Tyne ‘good work’ business pledge

The promotion of an inclusive economy is at the heart of the vision for the North of Tyne Combined Authority and is embedded in our devolution deal. A key element of an inclusive economy is ensuring that our people have access to work, but also to ‘Good Work’ that provides amongst other things security, skills, progression opportunities, a decent standard of living, promotes health and well-being and helps to ensure that the North of Tyne area is productive and thriving.

Work has commenced to understand what ‘Good Work’ should look like in the North of Tyne and how we as a Combined Authority can promote and reward employers that are offering the main elements of ‘Good Work’. Our proposals include the development of a Good Work Business Pledge, which would enable employers to understand the key elements of ‘Good Work’, what they can do to achieve this for their employees and what support is available to help them get there.

Further information on our work so far is provided here.

Our consultation so far has identified that in terms of the elements to include within a Business Pledge there is broad agreement that we should consider the following:

  • Rewarding your Workforce including pay and benefits

  • A Safe and Healthy Environment that includes a safe working environment and health and safety training for staff

  • Effective Communications including valuing and listening to employees

  • Developing your Workforce including training, progression and apprenticeships

  • Providing Security including job fulfilment and reducing exploitative employment practices

  • Promoting Fairness and Trust including inclusive practice that allows better access to work and fairness in rights and conditions

  • Promoting Health and Well-being including promoting healthy lifestyles and supporting workers with health issues and disabilities

  • A Balanced Workforce with a clear vision, values and policies that promote equality and diversity and workforce development

  • A Social Responsibility including access to procurement and contracting opportunities and connecting to local people and communities through engagement at various levels.

Currently, we are proposing that the North of Tyne Good Work Business Pledge is not a formal accreditation or award, but instead represents a set of pledges that business can work towards and support. To assist businesses to work towards and achieve these pledges we are also considering other initiatives and accreditations that are available, as well as additional support services that already exist or can be developed over time.

How can you have your say?

We wish to develop our proposals further through a process of co-design with business and other stakeholders and want to know your views on what a Good Work Business Pledge should look like and how it could operate in the North of Tyne area.

We have a number of questions that we would welcome your views on by completing our survey here or by e-mailing your comments to by 15 September 2019.

We are keen to hear from employers and employees of all sizes and from all sectors. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could share the link to this survey with your professional contacts and networks.

Based on the responses to our Stage 1 and Stage 2 consultation, a final model of the Good Work Business Pledge will be developed during 2019.