Guidance on Freedom of Information Requests

Before submitting a request to the North of Tyne Combined Authority, you should ensure that you have submitted the request to the correct organisation.

If you have a request that does not directly relate to an activity carried out specifically by the Combined Authority, you should submit your request to the appropriate Council or transport company/organisation.

How do I request information under the Freedom of Information Act?

Your request must be made in writing (by email or letter) and should contain:

  • your name;

    • an address for us to contact you; and

  • a description of the information you are interested in.

You can send your requests to Freedom of Information:

  • by email to:

  • by post to:

      NTCA Freedom of Information Officer
      Floor 6, Civic Centre
      Newcastle upon Tyne
      NE1 8QH

What information can I get?

Unless it is exempt, you will be able to get any information that the Combined Authority holds. This can include:

  • Our policies and plans

  • How we handle issues and make decisions

  • Financial information

  • Our performance