North of Tyne Budget Proposals

1st December 2020


The North of Tyne draft budget proposals for 2021/22 were published for the NTCA Cabinet meeting on the 24 November.

North of Tyne administers 4 separate and distinct budgets. You can read about the budgets and proposals in this document, which covers proposals for each of these budgets.

These proposals will now be scrutinised by the North of Tyne Overview and Scrutiny Committee before going back to Cabinet to be finalised ahead of the new financial year.

Your comments and questions

From December 2nd to January 12th if you have any comments or questions about the proposals, please let us know. You can email us on

We will publish your comments, and where possible answer your questions, on this page. We will also inform both Cabinet and Overview and Scrutiny of your views, ahead of Cabinet setting next year’s budgets at the end of February.